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Sales Training

May - Inkjet Technology Fundamentals for Sales Teams

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For someone else

This training provides all fundamental building bricks for anyone that is involved in large-format-inkjet printing. You will learn about inkjet printing technologies, ink types, materials, coating, software workflows and much more. A comprehensive all-in-one starting point for anyone who is involved in selling printing materials, printers, RIP software or anyone who wants to start selling!

Our unique approach will help you understanding the technology your customers are using. With a collection of training materials, ranging from presentations to video and interactive webinars. Our trainers are either experienced technical experts, or seasoned sales and channel management professionals. 

Our interactive platform enables you to get in touch with trainers and fellow learners, with our built-in email functionality and discussion forums, you will never be alone during your learning journey. Also make sure to join the live webinars, which enable you to ask all your questions to our trainers or fellow learners. 



Here is the course outline:

1. Welcome and introduction

This module will give you an introduction to the course and our team members.

2. Understanding inkjet printing technology

This module will cover all fundamentals about inkjet printing technology, including: print head technology, ink types and differences.

3. Meet the printer manufacturers

This module will introduce you to all the major printer manufacturers, their product lines, philosophy and strategies.

4. Translating technology into your sales pitch

This is the finale stage, where it all comes together. This module will show you how to apply all the knowledge you gained during the previous modules. Sell more, with more confidence and truly help your customers to be more successful with your products.

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